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Case of the Mondays

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Dear Friends,

I don’t know what I’m making for dinner tonight, but I’m sure it starts with reheated.

I was just rejected from the BMV for presenting unused church-offering envelopes and a coupon for Valvoline as proof of address. I have ten minutes before I pack a lunch and pick up our 3-year-old, drive around until she dozes off and come home to a sink full of dishes (for the third time today).

The snow days were a bit rough on me after Day 5. And even worse on Day 1. If you want to know the sanity level of any wife or mother, check how many rooms are completely rearranged and kindly place your comment card in the trash.

It is challenging to have all (both) the kids at home. Especially as I’m getting used to my pattern of blood sugars in the morning. It seems like whenever they go low my toddler needs help to the potty while our oldest starts a recorder recital.

I broke at least one straw stabbing into my Juicy Juice, trying to remember the Serenity Prayer.

School days are tough because my oldest daughter does not like her hair being brushed or the way anything fits. My youngest will hide her socks and climb the shelves to reach the toothpaste.

(There is a very small window of opportunity that determines if we’re leaving or dialing Poison Control.)

The fact that they're cute and they're mine is the only thing that's saved me from going full Kool-Aid man through the front door. You might need a link for that one...

Today my husband said I Love You, as I shot put a box of Ritz crackers and peanut butter toward my purse.

Then on cue we repeated our good-byes in no specific order:

“Love you-love you-love you-have a good day-be good- see you tonight… GO!” 

After buckling our kiddos in the car, I looked behind me and saw their little paws around bags of M&M’s. Then I beat my neighbor in reverse. Because I had things to do!

“Ma’m I can’t accept this ….Is this a coupon for Valvoline?”

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