A Living Legacy: Kenneth Spruce’s “I Apologize: A Black Man’s Plea for Forgiveness”

Throughout his lifetime Kenneth Spruce has been a City of Toledo official, Associate Professor of Political Science, Baptist Deacon, political activist, student government leader, author and CEO/founder of his own agency- UMOJA. Spruce is the namesake and driving force behind The Spruce Report which uncovered injustices in racial equality at the University of Cincinnati (1978) — a subject he is still involved with today. He was also the MC for a Toledo event welcoming the leader of the Black Pa

Leading Families Home

Not long after development Director Valerie Vetter moved back to Toledo to be closer to family, she began networking with Leading Families Home (LFH), a 501(c)3 non-profit, solidifying her commitment to community as both a professional and volunteer. A position was created for her and Vetter soon settled in. “Being the development director is so rewarding and so challenging. We can make Toledo a better place and I want to be a part of it,” Vetter says. LFH helps families transition from homeles

How-to: Live Hygge-Inspired this Spring

The season we've all been waiting for (especially if you're living in the Midwest) is finally here! Happy spring to you all. :) It's a good time to cultivate- ideas, friendships, and flowers. It's also a great time to welcome change, celebrate and reconnect with your roots. Ah! There are so many ways to usher in spring. Please enjoy our all-star tips for living hygge-inspired from your friends at Hyggelight I The Growing Candle. Bringing your favorite activities and eco-chic decor into your ou

Creating the World You Need: Lilah in the Land of the Littles heals big feelings

The rules have changed. Young children aren’t sent on playdates, school schedules have become variable and visits to family or friends are infrequent, if they happen at all. With the pandemic response to lessen the spread of COVID-19, young children are experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness and confusion. Clinical psychologist, teacher and author Lesley Koplow published Lilah in the Land of the Littles for children looking for ways to heal during times of uncertainty. “You can’t really

Bring out the beautiful: OwlVision turns heads in Toledo | Toledo City Paper

Phillip Callahan is a changemaker. Self-taught by long hours with the natural instincts of an artist, his unplanned photography garnered national attention for Toledo’s Black Lives Matter events last summer, as did his first photograph of the cityscape he calls home. Callahan started OwlVision LLC, making a name at music concerts while networking in Detroit, Chicago and L.A. His brand represents perseverance and grit, and his dream is to take that view worldwide. When Callahan isn’t filming, ed

Candy Roundup: Tricks to the Best Treats | Toledo City Paper

All aboard for a tour of Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan treats and sweets! We’re not sure how Halloween will stand up to last year’s ghoulish gatherings, but put on your costume anyway and meet some cool people making things right. Some candies are here to stay, like a Now & Later to your third molar. Boyd’s tops our candy crush this season, featuring nostalgic confections and unique sweets sold in gift packs, bulk, or by the pound. “I’m excited to offer multi-color wax fangs this ye

Hygge Your Home: 3 Simple Steps

Hygge (hoo-gah) = Creating a feeling of being comfortable + empowered by your surroundings How’s it going out there? A lot of our IG posts feature hygge-inspired homes that are meant to soothe and inspire your inner designer, so we thought it would be cool to give you some ideas on how to “hygge” your home in any season. A little change can be good! And we’ve simplified it for you in just 3 steps. Good luck + don’t forget to tag us @thegrowingcandle with your favorite Hyggelight Growing Candle

15 Clever Riddles for Clever People

“All is a riddle and the key to a riddle is another riddle.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson If comedy comes in threes then clever riddles come in fifteens… at least for the most clever amongst you readers who get to the very last clever riddle at this blog’s cleft bottom! “Shhh!”(That was a hint). And a sign that this proverbial “show” is about to get started. Consider it a prologue to the real life clever riddles in which you can participate (i.e. American Escape Rooms). We’re not saying you have to ac

Living the hygge-life: Finding comfort with founders of The Growing Candle | Toledo City Paper

As entrepreneurs, earth-lovers and partners it seems Chris and Cyndi Hileman are gardeners of the good life. Their company Hyggelight stems from a Danish word “hygge” (hoo-ga) that celebrates being in the every-day— finding comfort, getting out in nature and creating a sense of coziness right where you are. The Growing Candle is the product of Hyggelight— bringing all the good feels inside your home- with artistic design and creative simplicity. Edith, The Growing Candle, pictured as a pot of

Top 10 Reasons Escape Room Games Build Better Teams

The most successful teams have confidence in their collective ability to problem-solve and reach solutions with efficiency and stand-apart creativity. Buzzwords like “teamwork”, “synergy” and “work culture” follow us from desk to water cooler to meeting rooms and are tested in each project we undertake together. Companies like American Escape Rooms provide unique challenges outside of everyday tasks and deadlines. They bring an edge to team building events with interesting concepts in the form o

Ohio Association of County Boards of DD - Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities holds hearing for changes in 2016

The Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities held a public hearing on Tuesday to discuss a variety of changes that will be taking place. Deborah Yenrick, Superintendent for the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities said, "Today, I'm meeting because we're discussing our annual plan for 2016 and because we're in such change here at the county level and moving from a service base model to a case management base model. It affects almost every family that we have... This is coming

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