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January so far...

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Dear Friends,

How is your January going so far? Mine is great. I'm alternately staring at our Christmas tree- which I think we'll have down by the time taxes are due- and checking my scanner for signs of low blood sugar in the mornings, keeping that orange juice close by! 

I've written a modern ballet and am still on track to comprise some sort of memoir/book- paying myself (with spa services only). 

This month marks the first time I brought a full dinner to dance class. I did manage to stretch and warm-up (yay!) but was reminded of this type 1 diabetes drawback when I saw the down arrow on my Libre2. Baby steps... Much more to learn.

And speaking of babies, my daughters started ballet class this month. That has sparked so much more joy in me than a clean house ever will. 

News from the Cabaret kitchen... So far I've made a chicken recipe my kids didn't spit out, hosted a non-profit party with a couple different homemade delights, and whipped up a quiche in just over an hour.

Cooking has become a compulsion again; it smells better than candles (if the oven is clean), and nourishes my soul as I hear people lie and chew. Kidding! At least, I think most of January's dishes have been successful. (Above photo: Posing with Modern Art Meat Pies.) But the jury is still out on substituting sugar with monkfruit sweetener... Thoughts?

My Best French Toast recipe (Jan. 2022)

If you make it, please leave me a comment or tag #thefoodcabaret in your post. 

It's been a privilege to connect with you. Here's to 2022, happiness, health, and stirring things up!



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